School Closing and Holiday Schedule for Students

We would like to inform you that the school is going to close for holiday from 28-May to 26-June 2018. After this holiday, the school will open again at the usual time on 27-June. In this regard, we have provided sufficient “HOME WORK” for the students. We kindly request you to guide your wards properly during this time and not to grade their original work.

In addition, the school reception will remain open till 12:00 noon. We wish you a happy new year! We wish all our students a very prosperous and fruitful new year. While the holiday season may seem to be coming to an end, we would like to wish you all a happy and healthy new year!

In the same way, you may send holiday notices to your students to encourage experimentation. In fact, many schools also celebrate diwali as a holiday. This is a very emotional occasion. It is important to send holiday notices to your students, both in lower schools and in higher levels. The main aim of holiday notices is to create a better environment for both the lower school community and secondary students.

In addition to holiday schedule, a lot of other things will happen. First of all, the school will be closed on 21 and 22 July, as it is the Kawar Yatra. Secondly, the UT-II examination had been scheduled for 22nd July, but has been postponed to 27 July. The revised date sheet will be shared with students soon.