Holiday Engagement

In a recent episode, a woman pretends to be engaged before Thanksgiving. To do this, she hires an actor to play her future husband. The actor then pretends to be her new husband on Thanksgiving day. While she’s preparing for the big day, she makes sure the actor looks just like her future husband.

Hilary Burns is single, but feels pressure from her mother to marry. She assures her mother that she’s got a new fiance in the works. But things take a turn for the worse when her workaholic lawyer boyfriend breaks up with her. Hilary scrambles to find a new fiance and decides to hire an out-of-work actor to pose as him. Hilary’s ruse works, and David accepts the role.

Traveling during the holiday season is the perfect opportunity for people who want to experience a new culture. To create a successful tour package, you need to research the market. Consider what your target audience would be interested in and what your area of expertise is. Also, think of what unique selling points your tour offers over the others

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