Making a Difference While Traveling in 2023

Volunteering can help you explore something new or switch up your career path, by giving you the chance to develop skills essential in the workplace.

Research indicates that volunteerism can help many adults living with disabilities or health conditions find relief through meaningful experiences, while meeting new people along the way.

1. Experience a New Culture

Volunteering abroad is an incredible way to explore another culture while traveling. Not only will it give you insight into local customs and traditions, but you will also meet like-minded volunteers from various parts of the globe!

IVHQ provides volunteer travel programs in popular destinations around the world. If you’re in search of safe and cost-effective volunteer abroad programs, IVHQ stands out amongst them due to their superior support services which will ensure a seamless volunteering experience.

If marine conservation is your focus, take a look at programs in Madagascar or South Africa. Or if land-based volunteering appeals more, Peru provides great opportunities. From teaching English lessons at community centers or helping with English lessons for local students with English lessons to volunteering on the Galapagos Islands with wildlife research to teaching Amerindian village children in Guyana- all kinds of opportunities await! There’s sure to be something unique and interesting available!

2. Make New Friends

Your volunteer project partners may come from very diverse backgrounds and experiences, which may prove challenging at first. Once past this initial culture shock, however, you’ll discover lasting friendships.

Meet fellow travelers passionate about your volunteer project! Sharing meals, accommodation and work together can bring people closer and give insight into each other’s lives.

Before embarking on your volunteer travel experience, it is wise to fundraise in advance in order to cover costs of food, transport and any extras you might require. This could involve holding a garage sale or telling friends and family you will accept donations towards the trip instead of receiving gifts as birthday or holiday presents this year. Alternatively, put yourself out there by offering services such as walking their dogs or babysitting their children for a small fee – as part of your preparation for travel!

3. Learn New Skills

No matter your age or budget, there are volunteer vacation opportunities tailored specifically to you and your interests. While some projects provide hands-on experience in the field while others require specific training; you might even gain new skills such as computer programming or teaching during your volunteer vacation project!

Add service to your travels for an enriching travel experience that leaves a positive mark in the community. Be sure to select an opportunity that best meets your interests; ask questions about work performed by volunteers as well as skills sets needed.

South Africa is an idyllic travel destination, but what if your visit could also add purpose? IVHQ’s Cape Town programs boast 5 star ratings from past volunteers and offer opportunities in teaching, healthcare, building renovation and renovation – for which IVHQ received recognition at their recent volunteer awards ceremonies in 2023. Read more about this life-altering volunteer travel program now.

4. Gain Confidence

Traveling overseas can be an enriching experience that broadens horizons and opens eyes, but what if there was another way you could combine travels with meaningful service projects?

Volunteering during your travels is an excellent way to give back and gain a deeper knowledge of your destination. From wildlife conservation projects in South Africa or community development trips in Thailand, volunteering offers plenty of opportunities to make an impactful statement abroad!

As one of the leading global volunteer travel providers, IVHQ’s expert support staff are on hand to match you up with opportunities that suit both your interests and skills. From helping find you an opportunity that meets both those criteria to offering 24/7 guidance once on location – IVHQ local teams will ensure your volunteer experience is as safe and fulfilling as possible! View their wide range of programs across 84 countries today to discover your perfect match!

5. Make a Difference

Travel is known for enhancing life experience, including its power to expand horizons and alter perspectives. But what if traveling overseas could go one step further and allow you to use this time abroad to have an impactful effect on those close to you?

At Volunteer Ventures, our mission is to assist in fulfilling this desire. We offer an impressive variety of affordable volunteering travel experiences around the world–whether that involves marine conservation in Madagascar or teaching kids soccer in South Africa! You will surely find what’s perfect for you here!

As soon as you decide to travel with us, a local team will be there for you every step of the way – from airport pick-up and program orientation, through volunteering tasks and daily duties and helping with any unforeseen situations that may arise. So contact us now to discover global travel adventures!

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