Rejuvenating Retreats – Wellness and Spa Escapes for Ultimate Relaxation

Rejuvenating retreats provide the ideal way to unwind and refresh. They offer space, time, and resources to rethink priorities, reconnect with nature, and learn new skills such as yoga, photography or feng shui.

Menla Resort and Destination Spa in Catskill Forest Preserve provides a stunning setting for reconnecting with nature on a trip, offering relaxation through hiking trails or mind-easing treatments such as Tibetan KuNye massage.

The Rockaway Hotel + Spa

The Rockaway Hotel + Spa was created as an idyllic destination getaway just steps from New York City’s only surfing beach, providing year-round access to nature, community and fitness through yoga, meditation, sound baths and seasonal classes such as mushroom foraging or craft cocktail sessions – perfect complements to its beach bungalow aesthetic.

Sleep comfortably in one of our luxurious suites (1 and 2-bedroom cottages are ideal for longer stays), featuring soundproofing and temperature-regulated bedding. At our spa, guests can indulge in rejuvenating treatments such as aloe and CBD facials, sea salt scrubs with eucalyptus extract, or eucalyptus body scrubs designed to refresh mind, body and spirit.

Day passes are available for those seeking to unwind in one of the cedar barrel saunas encircling the outdoor pool, take yoga class or participate in sculpt workout sessions, then indulge in treatments like recovery massage with sea extracts and white tea, or a grounding aloe and green clay body wrap.

The Inns of Aurora

These New York State retreats offer unparalleled harmony and wellbeing experiences, from soothing spa treatments and healing rituals to mindful experiences such as forest bathing and reiki in tranquil sanctuaries ranging from oceanfront paradise on Long Island to hilltop retreats in the Finger Lakes.

Set amid Aurora’s picturesque village is this walkable collection of historic homes offering six distinct lodging experiences, expertly selected by owner Pleasant Rowland to embody an authentic sense of place while providing elegant hospitality.

At the center of all this activity is The Spa, an expansive and innovative new wellness retreat overlooking Cayuga Lake. Scheduled to open its doors in 2021, this state-of-the-art spa campus includes hydrotherapy circuits featuring coed outdoor saunas with hot and cold plunge pools; fireplace treatment rooms; and an opulent Tranquility Room.


Piaule Boutique Hotel of the Catskills provides guests with an immersive forest experience in 24 minimalist cabins lining its cliffside property, and unique wellness experiences can help restore inner balance.

Garrison Architects designed this minimalist retreat as an ode to its surroundings, using untreated white oak clad walls and floors made of local bluestone to give the space an intimate yet natural vibe. Nolan McHugh and Trevor Briggs from Piaule designed furniture such as the dual-sided wood-burning fireplace wrapped with zinc for this project.

The main house features a check-in area, retail gallery and all-day restaurant with floor-to-ceiling windows that showcase its surrounding mountains and forests. Guests can also take advantage of a spa offering sauna, steam bath and plunge pool rituals designed to purify, improve circulation and flush away toxins. Yoga, meditation, exercise or movement classes help energize and decompress. Guests can connect with nature through foraging plant identification or forest bathing on three miles of trails – providing an additional recharge experience!

The Wellness Galaxy

Retreat that connects mind, body, and soul – This luxury resort provides holistic healing treatments and workshops with leading specialists. Those in search of deep detoxification may prefer taking part in the Sensei Sabbatical experience – an immersive 30-day program tailored specifically to individual wellness goals.

North of San Diego lies this European-style hideaway in the foothills of the Catalina Mountains that offers guests a relaxing retreat from urban stressors. Here, guests can take advantage of tailored fitness and nutrition programs, massage therapy sessions, spa services and treatments that promote sustainable healthy habits for a better quality of life in their daily life.

Anyone seeking a thorough detoxification should consider taking advantage of the hotel’s digital wellness program – an indulging therapy focused on relaxing the head, eyes, neck, shoulders, hands and feet to relieve strain caused by overuse of digital devices. Indulge also in one of its numerous rejuvenating treatments like hot stone massage or antioxidant-rich vinotherapy facial!

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